Where can I start? I've been on the wellness journey for over 20 years. Although I'll start this with weight, I do believe that weight is necessarily all that wellness comprises. I have been dealing or rather being challenged with 25-30 pounds of fluctuating weight for the last 15 years. I do know the ideal diet and by diet I don't mean "diet" that will help loose weight, I mean diet as in an eating plan for life. My ideal eating plan consists of good proteins, low or reasonable natural sugars, good carbs, plenty of water, and reasonable portions. Although knowing this, it's been a great challenge to maintain. As a part of my new lifestyle blog (yes, this blog that your'e on now), I hope to gain the control to maintain an eating and lifestyle plan that serves me the way I deserve!

Now on to other components of wellness. I truly believe in work-life-integration. I used to hear so much about work-life-balance, but I don't even know what that means. I think it means making sure that no part of one's life takes over the other.


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