Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Blog post December 2016

Winter is in the air and almost approaching the end of the year. What does this all mean for you and me my friends. Well I'll tell you this this is an opportunity for us to hit 2017 year hit the ground running. Why wait until next year to get yourself together. I'm not just talking about losing weight or starting a new business or joining a new club, I'm talking about your mindset. I want you to stop and be grateful for all that God has done for you and even what he is currently doing for you. Here are three helpful tips and I want you to consider as we close out this year and prepare for next year. Next line the first is to stop and look around and assess God's Beauty in your life. It may be really wonderful family and friends it may be a good job it may be good health it may be a new opportunity on the horizon and maybe a brand new book you bought or a beautiful shawl. I can tell you this there is God's Beauty all around if you just stopped to take a look. Next I want you to take and make an honest assessment about where you are in your life in your work and your relationships and jot down three things that you know you could improve in any of these areas. Next I want you to write down three things that you can do starting right now to improve on any issues you might have for example maybe you need to update your resume or maybe you need to organize your home clean your car buy more water buy and bring in more healthy foods in your home call that old friend that you've been thinking about take a new class go to the gym on a regular basis drink more water stop negative thinking. Now I want you to plan a schedule, literally take out your calendar and I want you to plot down when you will do these things that you've just outlined. I hope this has blessed you as it is currently blessing me. I want to hear from you. Let me know how the end of the year is going for you and what your plans are for the new year.

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